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Claim Your Listing

If your business is already on the site, you can claim your listing which will enable you to edit the description of your business as well as editing your opening hours and adding up to nine photos of your business

  • First you need to register on the site as a user, this is your personal user details not your business details.
  • To claim your listing simply log on using your personal user details and find your business listing. You should see a button on the bottom right of your listings page FREE CLAIM LISTING click this button to claim your listing. Complete the details and your listing claim will be submitted.
  • As soon as your listing claim is approved you will receive an email and your listing will have a green tick next to the business name.
  • You can now visit your listing page and select the Edit button on the bottom right of the listing details page. You will then be able to edit your listing. When you have finished editing your listing you can preview it before you approve it, and continue to make changes until you are happy with how it looks.

Tips for editing your listing

Keep your business description short and sweet more than three paragraphs is probably too much. Describe the types of products, services you offer. If you sell specific well known brands then feel free to list them, as long as it is not a list of hundreds. By all means mention awards you have won, or for long established businesses, how long you have been in business.

You can link your website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business Page as well as your contact information and opening hours.

For photographs you can add up to 9 different photos, whichever photo is in the first position will be your cover photo. You can change the photo order by dragging them to the order you prefer always remembering that the first one will be the cover photo.

If possible make sure your cover photo is a landscape orientated photo and as bright as possible, as this will ultimately look better at the top of your business page.

A final word about sizes of photos, each individual photo is limited to a maximum size of 2MB, you will not be able to load photos larger than this. Photos taken on a phone will generally be bigger than this so you may need to compress the photo size before you will be able to upload it. There are a number of free apps you can use to do this for both iPhone and Android phones just search for 'compress photos'.

There are also photo editing apps available for laptops which can achieve the same effect. If you get really stuck and can't sort the photos out yourself, get in touch with us as we may be able to help.

If for any reason there is an issue with your request to claim a listing, we will get in touch with you to request additional validation.

Add a new listing

If your independent business is not listed yet please email with your business details and we can get your business added.