In the first of our getting to know your local shops and the people behind the business we are featuring Misco’s Chocolates. Which in case you did not know have just opened their new speciality chocolate shop on Sheep Market.

We asked the questions and Megan gave the answers!

How long you have been in business in Leek: 9 years

What you like most about your business: Bringing a little moment of joy to people by creating beautiful chocolates and being a part of the community by chatting with customers over the years, seeing their babies growing up, and being a part of a local movement that is really passionate about positive change/support within our community.

Your top three best selling products/categories or services: Mixed chocolate boxes of 12. Orange cake balls. Classic hot chocolate powder.

Why did you decide on Leek to start your business: We live in Leek and it was just fortuitous that we started at the same time as the Totally Locally movement which helped us a lot.

What are your hobbies/interests/spare time: We love shaping our garden into a magical and relaxing environment and being in nature, Cisco is a keen musician and has a little studio in the attic, and I practice Reiki and other areas of healing.

Where & what do you shop/spend money on in Leek: Breckles, Live Love Loaf, Becalmed, Waste Not Want Not, Sunday Supplement Traders

What has changed most for you in the past year how have you adapted: Well where do I begin!? So we had the opportunity to purchase our own property and had it been a normal year this probably would have been a simple process, however it isn’t a normal year and unfortunately the sale fell through and we found ourselves having to work out a short term solution just before a peak time for us. What this has done for us is to allow us to really focus on growing our online side of the business, grow the production side of our business and invest in new machinery and learn new techniques. We’ve also been able to do lots of product development and to learn that not every plan materialises and part of being a business is to remain flexible and ready to change the plan/direction if necessary. Its been a crazy year and I’m looking forward to things calming down soon (although knowing us it probably wont!!) 

What is your claim to fame/award achievement: We have been very lucky to have had 6 mentions by the chocolate correspondent in the Observer Food Magazine, this has been incredible recognition for us and has spurred us on to create more new products and keep up with modern chocolate trends. 
As for famous customers Noddy Holder was a regular for a while and Tiger Woods had a box that we had to deliver to his Private Jet, we have also done some work with The Clothworkers association in London.

You can check out the range of artisan chocolates available from Misco’s on their website.