The second getting to know your local shops and the people behind the business features The Alphabet Store, which many of you will know has been in quite a few locations within Leek.

We asked the questions and Sarah gave the answers.

How long you have been in business in Leek 12 Years

What you like most about your business. Counting the money !!! Collaborating with other Independent businesses to bring a product to market and working together for the greater good.

Your top three best selling products/categories or services East of India Porcelain products, Free standing letters and Personalised mugs which we design in house

Why did you decide on Leek to start your business Because it’s my home town. Born and breed in Leek. You can take the girl out of Leek but you can’t take Leek out of the girl. In my case I did leave Leek but I came back to my roots.

What are your hobbies/interests/spare time Working out in my home made gym because my other hobbies are food and alcohol related!

Where & what do you shop/spend money on in Leek I support many of the local independents especially those that serve coffee, my kick start in a morning before I start work. For something special Jackie Harold designs and now I’m soon to be a Grandma I look forward to crossing the street and spending some pennies in Bo Belles. I love Elizabeth Marie for something quirky. I recently purchased two Elephants hugging from Jess and I just love them.

What has changed most for you in the past year how have you adapted What I learnt in the last 12 months is what a great town Leek is. When we went into Lockdown the Independents stood up to the challenge of providing a service for all our lovely customers and our customers stood up to the challenge of supporting us. oh and I also managed to loose 20lbs not money but weight!

What is your claim to fame/award achievement I’ve had a curry with Robbie Williams & made the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh a G&T

You can check out the range of gifts and greeting cards available at The Alphabet Store on their website.