We know how much you all love to get some deals for a FIVER while supporting your local shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. So we are excited to let you know that the 9th National Fiver Fest is back in Leek for the next two weeks.

Fiverfest reminds us all that if every adult in Leek, yes that is all 20,000 of you just spent one FIVER every week in a Leek independent business, that would bring £4.1 Million pounds into your local town.

It’s not about saying you can’t shop in the supermarket or online because we understand that not everything you need is in independent shops in Leek. It’s more about asking you if you can divert just FIVE POUNDS of your weekly shopping to a small independent business, it will make a massive difference.

It will mean that the shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants that are in Leek can stay in Leek and you can have a local town that has more of what you need on your doorstep!

From the 8th to the 22nd October you can have a mooch and pick up a bargain while supporting lots of your favourite independent businesses.

If you want to check out who is taking part in the Fiver Fest just have a look at all the places below.